Responsive Web Design

Mobile-friendly on all devices


Every Browser reads websites differently. We make sure your site stays consistent. // IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Google Compliant

Google will not rank your website on mobile devices if your website is not mobile friendly. No worries here!

User Friendly

Over 60% of users will leave your website if it’s not mobile friendly. This is because the content is hard to read.

How can I tell if my website is mobile responsive?

EliteThe best test to see if your website is responsive is to open it on a smart phone device (iphone, android). When the website opens the content should be very clear and easy to read. The orientation of the content should be easy to scroll through and process. If the website shows up like it does on your laptop and you have to do the pinch and pull method with your fingers to zoom in – it’s not mobile responsive.

Believe it or not, mobile users are trained in the difference and convenience of websites that are responsive. The average user has a preset expectation for it, and if they click on a website that is not responsive there is a very poor chance the user will remain on the website. In fact, there is a 61%+ chance they will bounce. Bounce means they leave your site and go back to their search results.

If your website is not mobile responsive, that means you are missing out on 70% of the people who are looking for your goods and services. The days of print media like the phone book and newspapers is over. There has been a gradual shift in technology to where the primary place we look for new or existing businesses is through the internet. By 2017 the US will be up to 80% of users surfing the internet with mobile devices. Overseas it is already over 90%.


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